Best All Natural Sunscreen for Kids

Trying to find the perfect all natural sunscreen to use on my kids took some trial and error.


chemical free sunscreen



I am very conscious of what I apply on my skin and on my kids’, as most of what you apply to your skin will be absorbed into your blood stream.

Unfortunately, cosmetic companies frequently use chemicals in their products that are questionably safe.

People apply sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.  It is ironic if the sunscreen they are applying to their skin contains chemicals that are possibly carcinogenic (cancer-causing).

I therefore try to use only chemical free cosmetics on myself and my children.

After a few years of trying out different natural sunscreens, specifically without harsh chemicals, I hit the jackpot.

Thinksport was the first one I used that I was all around happy with.

I used it the whole summer and found it did the job, while being free of harmful chemicals, including no avobenzone, oxybenzone, paraben, phthalate, paba, and 1,4 dioxane.



It is SPF 50, water resistant, and does not leave white residue on skin that I have found with other natural sunscreens.

My fair skinned kids did not suffer any sun burns, even when they were out all day in the middle of the summer.

All natural chemical free sunscreen



Standard recommendations for sunscreen use is to apply a thick layer and proceed to reapply every 2 hours while out in the sun, and I make the effort to do that with all natural sunscreens as well.



The only downside I have found is that they tend to cost more than non chemical-free sunscreens.  One tube of sunscreen generally lasts through at least half the summer, so it wasn’t such a concern for me.

A few extra dollars is definitely worth the peace of mind!


You can also check out the following video clip of a woman who reviewed 70 sunscreens and she tells you about the best ones:



Enjoy your summer!

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