Best Blogs for Beginners

Are you thinking of starting your own blog but not sure how to go about it?

Have you already started and have some questions along the way?

The following are blogs that I found that really helped me get started on my journey.


Thank you to you all!


Best blogs for beginners


It’s amazing how much goes into starting a blog!

When I started my blog I literally googled everything!  There’s so much to know!

Luckily there are some great resources to help you get started and guide you on your journey.

I found some really helpful websites and I will share the best ones with you over here.

Best Blogs

Amy Lynn Andrews

Amy Lynn Andrews breaks it all down for you and explains concepts in an easy to understand language.

12 Things to do before making money online is a must read on how to set yourself up financially before you start making money off your blog

Amy’s post explaining no-follow links was the first one I found (after reading many) that I actually understood.


Just a Girl and Her Blog

Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog is a successful blogger who turned her blog into a business and now makes six figures annually.

She did it in three years!

Check out her website to see what a successful blog looks like- It’s also a fun blog to follow 🙂

A large part of her blog is dedicated to blogging resources and tips, teaching newbies how to set up a blog.

Abby created a comprehensive guidebook letting others in on how to build up a blog to the level they built theirs.


Check out this great video for a light hearted informative way to start a blog and what will be involved:





Problogger is great with technical aspects of setting up your blog and has a free guidebook for the first week of blogging, basically teaching you all the nuts and bolts about starting a blog.

Problogger also has more indepth books you can buy that will help you develop and grow your blog successfully.

They have an annual training event which is a great opportunity to move your blog forward and learn the latest blogging techniques out there.  By signing up for the virtual ticket you can participate from your own home, so check that out.


By Regina

By Regina has a fun way of writing that is engaging as well as easy to understand.

She offers some free courses as well as paid courses which will teach you the basics of starting a blog, as well as instructionals for growing your blogging into a successful business.

Her post on Which blog platform is right for you helps you narrow down your social media focus, as well as directs you to the channels that will fit your blog.

By Regina also has an Is blogging right for you checklist which may be helpful to look at if you are on the fence about starting a blog.


Smart Blogger

Smart blogger has free info on blogging, such as their post on how to earn an income off of your blog.

They also have paid online courses to help you get started with more in depth tutorials on different aspects of blogging.

DIY Budget Girl

DIY Budget Girl has a whole section on her blog devoted to helping others start their own blog, with a lot of useful information to help yout on your journey.

Her post on how to blog legally is a must read for every blogger with important information for avoiding any legal issues related to your blog.


Oh She Blogs

Oh She Blogs is a website dedicated to helping bloggers develop and grow their blogs.

Her post on recommended blogging tools is important when choosing who to host your site with, which email provider to go with, which photo editing tools are available specifically for bloggers, social media tools which can help you build a following, and other important blogging tools.

Oh She Blogs provides consultation services which include helping you start off your blog or reviewing your existing blog in order to provide suggestions and ideas towards improving it.


The Blog Maven

Jeni Elliot is committed to helping bloggers turn their blog into a business.  The Blog Maven is a website that keeps you clicking onto the next post, as there is a lot of great information that will help you grow your blog and take it to the next level.

Jeni’s post on Finding a Good Sponsorship Match for your Blog is a great post on how to partner with a sponsor for your blog post and the best way to go about it.

Jeni also has an 8 week Blog Smarter online in-depth mentorship for bloggers who want to get more out of their blog.


Ruth Soukup at Elite Blog Academy is a blogger who I kept hearing about as her blogging course is apparently very popular.  Her website is really helpful for beginners as well as more experienced bloggers.  I particularly benefited from her blog post Facebook Advertising Basics as it addresses advertising your blog in a way noone else I’ve found has.


When I find a helpful post that I want to implement I post it on my Pinterest Board Blogging Tips to refer back to later.

In addition, I highly recommend creating your own board so that you don’t become too overwhelmed with all the information, knowing you can access it later when you are ready to tackle it.

Try TailWind Free for one month– and see what it can do for your blog!


providing motivation to start a blog



So that’s it.  My list of best blogs for beginners.

The rest is up to you.

Begin your journey and see where it takes you.

Live your life without regrets 🙂

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