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Everyone wants to see their kid succeed in the classroom, so receiving complaints about your kid’s classroom behavior can be a real downer.


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When I received phone calls from my first grader’s teacher that my son was disrupting the class I knew I would have to be proactive.

I spoke to my friend who was going through a similar situation with her daughter, and she described a classroom behavior chart she was using which was working out really well.

Unlike other behavior charts, this one rewarded based on a continuum:

For every category of classroom behavior on the chart, she received one of four grades.

This showed her daughter very clearly where she was succeeding and where she needed to improve.


How the Chart Works

Based on her description of the behavior chart, I created a classroom behavior chart which I thought would work for my son.

It contains four categories:

Listens respectfully

Sits quietly

Follows directions

Raises hand to speak during class


My son was very excited about it, and his teacher agreed to try it.

The first day we tries it out there was an immediate improvement in his behavior!



This was likely because of the reward system we used.

My son loves a chance at earning money, so we rewarded him with  15cents for receiving 1 in a category, and 10cents for receiving 2.

Altogether he usually makes between $1-$2 a week which he can save and/or spend on prizes as he chooses.


classroom behavior chart


Although he still has some “off days”, the motivation to improve is definitely there.

His teacher finds it really helpful and we are happy to be proactive in helping our son’s succeed in the classroom.

I hope this Classroom Behavior Chart  will be as useful to others as it is for us.

If you choose to share the chart, please post credit to

See important guidelines regarding using a classroom behavior chart.

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