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Why Choose a Midwife Over a Doctor?

What is a midwife and why would you choose one over a doctor?

Isn’t it safer to have an OB deliver your baby?

What if something goes wrong?

I seemed to get these questions a lot when I was pregnant.


Why choose a Midwife -


 What are Midwives?

Midwives are Registered Nurses who spend an additional two years training on a Master’s level for well women care, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Midwives are trained to deliver babies at home, in birthing centers and in hospitals.



Their philosophy towards pregnancy and childbirth differ from doctor’s philosophy in the following ways:

Midwives view pregnancy and childbirth as a normal, natural process. Read more

Top 5 reasons why swimming is the best exercise during pregnancy

Swimming is incredibly beneficial for our bodies, and even more so during pregnancy!


1) Swimming is an awesome cardiovascular exercise.

When your body is active, your heart rate increases.

An increased heart rate boosts the circulation of blood through your body, which then improves the transport of vital nutrients to your baby.

Cardiovascular exercise is great for burning calories, which keeps your weight within a healthy range.

 swimming during pregnancyImage courtesy of franky242 at

Cardiovascular exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, which are “feel good” hormones, also known as a “runner’s high”.

Endorphins help ease depression, irritability, and they are amazing mood boosters! Read more

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