Delicious n’ Soothing Chicken Soup Recipe

When you’re really sick with a bad head cold and a sore throat, and you’re bedded down under your thick quilt, what do you really crave?

Chicken soup of course!  It is a tradition handed down by our mothers and grandmothers and for good reason:

Chicken soup has healing properties and now it’s scientifically proven!


Chicken soup recipe


Chicken soup has anti inflammatory properties which will reduce the mucous production in your nose, helping clear up your nasal congestion.

It’ll also soothe your throat and provide important hydration which your body needs to help flush out the infection.

This is the chicken soup recipe I use and it is actually the only soup my kids will eat!

I make a big batch and freeze about three quarts, with plenty left to serve at the meal.

It is nice to have some chicken broth to put away in the freezer for those recipes that call for chicken stock, and of course I’ll defrost some to have when I’m in the mood.

I actually came home from work once, feeling like I was coming down with some kind of bad head cold.  I defrosted a quart of chicken soup and drank the whole thing over an hour, and then I went to bed.  My body knew what it needed!


How to Make Chicken Soup:

You can use any part of a chicken, as long as it’s raw, although I have found that using a whole chicken gives the soup a great flavor.
Fill up an 8 quart pot (or bigger if you have one) with cold water.

Add the chicken and raise the flame until it is boiling.



chicken bones for chicken soup



You’ll notice a gray foam forming on top of the water as it bubbles.  Just lower the flame and skim it off using a mini strainer.





chicken soup for when you don't feel well


Then assemble the following vegetables, peel them and add them to the soup pot.

Chicken soup recipe
1 bag carrots
1 medium turnip
1 medium parsnip
1 large onion
1/2 tsp pepper
1-2 T salt to taste (add more later as needed)

Reboil the water, and then lower the flame to simmer for 3 hours.


Once it’s done cooking I turn off the flame and let it sit for several minutes with the pot cover off.

Then I’ll remove the top layer of soup with the layer of oil on top and put it in a container to freeze.

That way your soup will be a little less oily, and when you defrost the container you’ll find a thick layer of white fat that you can just break off with a spoon and dispose of.




chicken broth


Add cooked noodles for Chicken Noodle Soup or delicious soup croutons which my kids can’t seem to get enough of (see below).

delicious hot healing chicken soup


Enjoy your delicious chicken soup and let me know how it turns out 🙂


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