How to choose paint colors for your home like a boss!

I bought a house and then I had to paint it.

The. entire. house.

Wow that’s a lot of paint!



paint palette swatch



I actually had some time to think about it as we were doing some work on the house and that dragged on for months.

There were a few things I had to take into consideration when picking paint colors.


#1 is that EVERYONE says the color will look different once it’s on the wall.

First off, it’s not always mixed right.
You could sometimes take the paint back to the store to be remixed and that might help.
Not sure- never tried it.

The lighting in the room will also make a big difference.  It can look one way on the swatch, and then a totally different shade once it’s painted on your wall.

This can be kind of stressful.

Here I am paying thousands of dollars, and I would like to be happy with it when I’m out that much money.

You would think.

So I did what I do best when I’m making a big decision. I asked Google what to do.

I did A LOT of research.

So here are tips and tricks I picked up from all of my research and then I will fill you in on my paint results, which I am overall really happy with.

It’s important to check out all of the colors on the swatch card (the one you could pick up for free at any paint store) as your color will have those tones mixed in and those tones may very well show up on your wall, depending on the lighting.

That happened to my friend.
She picked a gray color for her living room wall- and once it was painted on her wall it turned out blue!

Also important to keep in mind if you are looking at the paint colors on your computer screen is that the colors might be completely different in real life.  That happened to one color I chose based on online search.  When I asked for a swatch in the paint store it ended up looking completely different- and not in a good way 😉


Here’s an interesting video on how to choose paint colors:


So how do you choose the perfect paint color?

Well you can hire a colorist- a color professional who helps guide you towards paint colors that will be right for your house with the lighting in your room.

An interior designer will do the same thing. A friend of mine who painted her home right before me told me that her interior designer basically asked her for her paintings and pictures she was planning on hanging up and then picked out the paint colors to match.

Another friend paid $75 for a colorist to come to her house and she told her which colors she was thinking of.  She picked them all out for her and my friend was really happy with the results.  Not bad for $75.

I actually enjoyed the process of picking out my paint colors and didn’t want someone directing me- I’m independent that way 😉 although I have to admit it was a little nerve racking hoping the colors wouldn’t turn out to be a hideous mistake!




So here’s how I did it: is great for inspiration.  There are some really cool ideas on there.

Google was important for when I found a color I thought I liked and I wanted to see it in a room.  I googled images of the color to see it.

You can also tell how popular a color is by seeing how many images of that color have been posted online.  That would be a good sign that the color will look good on your wall.

Then I would read up on the those who posted about it to see how it turned out for them.

For example, I chose Benjamin Moore Cotton balls white OC-122 for all the trim and ceilings as per Laurel Berns.
She’s also a really good resource for paint ideas and for general interior design ideas.

I also went to to see the color on their website and they also have a feature that shows you the color in the room, as well as which colors will coordinate with it.

We had several painters give us estimates on the paint job and across the board they said Benjamin Moore is top of the line. (No affiliate over there;)

Another tip:

For interior paint go a shade lighter than you think you want as they all ended up darker than I imagined.

But for the exterior paint go a shade darker as the sunlight shows it up a shade lighter.


So without further ado, presenting the paint colors I chose with accompanying pics of the final outcome.


Benjamin Moore Beachcrest Sand 114

I wanted to keep one neutral color theme running through the house so I chose Benjamin Moore beachcrest sand.  It came out beautiful and I got a lot of compliments on it.


Beachcrest Sand 114


I had it painted on most of the first floor, including the bottom of the chair rail in the dining room, and and on the hallways going up to the second floor and the attic.  It is a rich warm neutral.  You can see from my pics how different the color looks depending on the lighting.


Beachcrest Sand 114 and Calpso Blue 727


Benjamin Moore Calypso blue 727

I wanted some color for interest throughout the first floor so I chose benjamin moore calypso blue for the front door both sides, matching shutters outside, bottom half of dining room, and first floor bedroom/office.


Calypso Blue 727 Exterior


It came out a little too light for outdoors- but indoors it looks really classy.

Here is a pic from the office where I painted Calypso Blue with really nice results.


Calypso Blue 727



Benjamin Moore Raspberry truffle 2080-10

I have a cool brick wall in the family room as the family room was built as an extension to the home several decades ago.

I wanted to accent the brick so I chose raspberry truffle as so many people reviewed it online and loved it.


Raspberry Truffle 2080-10

I am so incredibly happy with how it turned out. It is the perfect shade of a deep, warm cosy red.



Benjamin Moore Half moon crest 1481

I chose a silvery gray color for first floor bathroom for the nice contrast with maroony pink tiles on the floor.


Half Moon Crest 1481


It is a nice light color and it gives the bathroom an elegant feel.


Benjamin Moore Simply white OC-117

I used Simply White for the kitchen and I feel like I could have gone with a brighter white.  It looks a little drab next to the whiter kitchen cabinets.


Benjamin Moore French Lilac 1403

French lilac was a real score.


French Lilac 1403


I am such a huge fan of this color!  It is the perfect lavender color for my baby’s room and will really grow with her as it’s not too juvenile.  I highly recommend this color!!!


Benjamin Moore Daylily 080

My 7 yr old daughter picked out this color, with some help. I like it because it is not too pinky.  It is a warm and vibrant coral.


Daylily 080


For some reason my 3 yr old is not loving it but hopefully it will grown on her 😉


Benjamin Moore Twilight 2058-10

I chose this color to give my room a cave-like feel.  I knew it was risky but was hoping it would turn out nice.
When I saw the final result I wasn’t thrilled.  I felt I should have gone lighter.


Twilight 2058-10

But once my furniture was in and I spent a few nights there, the color totally grew on me, especially when I found bedroom sheets that really accented it.
I also plan on hanging some pics and maybe a wall tapestry which will also lighten up the room a little.


Benjamin Moore Soft chinchilla 2135-50

For the main bathroom I chose Soft Chinchilla which is a really nice bluey gray color.


Soft Chinchilla 2135-50


I needed it to coordinate with all the different colors I had going on between the cream colored bath tiles and the brown and gray vanity and it offsets all the colors nicely.

Benjamin Moore Bayberry Blue 790

I wanted to keep the attic light and bright so I chose bayberry blue, with my boys’ approval of course 😉.


Bayberry Blue 790


It came out bright and cheerful and my boys are really happy with the results, and so am I. It brightens up an attic room that I was afraid might have looked dismal and dark with the wrong paint color.

I painted their bathroom Bayberry Blue as well.


Bayberry Blue 790 Bathroom


So here you have it!  All my paint colors picks.  If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints please let me know below 😊

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  • Reply Gloria Durst

    I agree that getting a lot of different swatch cards before you choose a paint color would be helpful. It would be smart to look at different colors and how they would match in the room you are painting. My husband and I will have to remember to order a lot of swatch cards before we choose a paint color for our baby room.

    August 14, 2017 at 4:09 pm
  • Reply Belle Marshall

    I don’t care for any of the paint color selected. I’ll stick with Joanna Gaines. I’m going with Repose Gray

    August 15, 2019 at 9:03 pm
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