How to Help your Baby to Sleep Through the Night When They Have a Cold

You know when your baby is all congested and can’t breathe and is waking up every hour of the night?!?

SO that happened to me recently and I went to go buy some saline spray to help clear her nose and help her breathe and sleep better.


sleeping baby with the flu



Anyway I saw this product in the drug store that I had remembered hearing about that worked like a charm.

I actually held off buying it right away because of the price.

I bought a normal saline baby spray and used the bulb syringe I had from her birth and tried that out that evening.

Well after another sleepless night, I caved in and bought it, and here I am writing this post about this AMAZING product!

Trust me, this is my fifth kid and I can’t believe how my babies managed without it.

The first night we used it she slept through the night, and the night after, and the night after.

She could finally breathe!

So it’s really simple to figure out once you put it together.  There are two tubes, with a filter in between.  Just follow the picture when you snap it together and make sure you put the right end in your mouth 😉



My friends with small babies rave about it and for good reason!

Good luck  and let me know how the Nose Frida worked!

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