Miracle Burn Treatment

Picture this:  I’m at the pool about to swim with my three big kids when my phone rings.

It’s my babysitter.

What got me was the panic in her voice.


Miracle Burn Treatment


My daughter had grabbed for her bottle when she spotted it warming in boiling hot water.

She grabbed it off the counter, spilling scalding water on her neck, torso, and legs.

When I got there I saw red burns on her body and we immediately started applying this new treatment my babysitter and I had heard of.

Burn Treatment

News Flash: Freshly grated potato peels are very beneficial to healing burns in the immediate few hours after the burn occurs.

We placed freshly grated potato peels on her skin with saran wrap on top, and I kept changing it and applying new peels throughout the afternoon

Each time I changed the “dressing”, I noticed it looked better and better.

When I put her down in her crib to sleep for the night, I put a large amount of potato peels on the burns, covered them with wrap, and zipped her sleeper over it.

When my daughter woke up the next morning, I saw that about 50% of the burn area was completely healed, and about 30% was slightly red.

There was one area right by her collar bone, that was definitely a second degree burn.

Part of it was white, indicating that the skin had sloughed off, leaving the fat exposed.

I called my pediatrician and he told me to take a picture of the burn and email it to him.

When he called me back, he insructed me to apply Silvadene to the burn, and cover with a bandaid twice a day.  He told me to bring her into the office in 1 week for debridement.


how to heal your burn


I picked up the Silvadene from the pharmacy and went to pick out bandaids.


Hydrocolloid Bandaids

Amongst the variety of bandaids located on the shelf, I found hydrocolloid bandaids, which I remembered back in nursing school, was a novel treatment garnering rave reviews.

Hydrocolloid bandages provide a moist environment for a healing wound, promoting skin healing, while working as an antibacterial.



They are left on the burn for 3-5 days, and then replaced with a new one.

I bought them, and then checked with my pediatrician if he thought it was a better option than using Silvadene.

While waiting for him to call me back, I researched online and found a study which clearly indicated that using hydrocolloid bandages for burns produced better outcomes than standard dressings in pediatric burn patients.





When my pediatrician called back, he sounded wary of trying anything other than Silvadene for the burn.

I then called my Pharmacist friend, and asked her what she would do if it was her kid.  she told me if the study showed better outcomes, then to go with that.

This advice echoed what we would hear in nursing school regarding evidence-based practice.  If newer studies indicate alternative treatments are more effective, then discard the old practices and adopt the new.

miracle burn treatment


I put on the hydrocolloid bandaid, changing it every 3-5 days as directed.

I visited my pediatrician a week later, and he exclaimed at how good it look and determined, to his surprise, that no debridement was needed.

I kept up changing the bandaid for several weeks until the area was completely covered with fresh new skin.

It is now a year and a half later, and the scar is barely noticeable and is fading month by month.

This amazing product saved my daughter from a bad burn scar, and I hope by spreading the word, it will help someone else as well.

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