When Not to Listen to Your Pediatrician

Do you trust your pediatrician implicitly?

Trusting your pediatrician is important, but trusting yourself is even more important.

You know your kid better than anyone else.


when not to trust your pediatrician


Here’s a case in point:

When my son was 2 he suffered from really bad eczema.

A pediatrician at the practice I use examined him and prescribed hydrocortisone 2% cream as needed.

I was uncomfortable treating it with such high dose steroids:

Whatever you apply to your skin is absorbed into your blood stream, and he was so young to be on steroids!

I did some research and visited a highly recommended dermatologist who was surprised that he was being prescribed such a high dose topical steroid.

She prescribed a whole regimen of non-steroidal creams that really helped clear it up.


Lesson learned:  Seek out help until you are comfortable your child is getting the care they need.


Then there was the story of the little boy who’s mother called the pediatrician after he fell off his bike.  His stomach had swelled and he didn’t look good.

The nurse at the doctor’s office instructed the mother to give him a laxative for his probable constipation, and to come in the next day.

He died later that day from a ruptured spleen, caused by the handlebar knocking into his stomach.


Lesson learned:

Doctors mess up, nurses make the wrong call.

Trust your gut and seek out a second, third or fourth opinion if you have to.


This is Crazy:

My friend’s 2 year old daughter was sick with the flu for three weeks.  She called her pediatrician several times during that time period, but their pediatrician kept putting her off.

By the time she bypassed her pediatrician and went to th emergency room, her daughter ended up in the ICU for 10 days with pneumonia and a chest tube.


You know your child and you know when something is wrong.


Here’s the clincher:

It’s always easy to second guess ourselves, and to put blind trust in your doctor, but sometimes your kid ends up paying the price.


Another friend’s baby swalled a hinge which got stuck in the back of her throat.

Her parents took her to the ER and the doctor refused to take an x-ray.


It gets worse:

She followed up at the pediatrician’s office twice that week and was blown off.

Finally when she was in respiratory distress they went back to the ER and they took an x-ray.

The little baby had to have emergency surgery to remove it.


child after seeing pediatrician



Want to know the worst part:

Her parents heard later the surgeon wasn’t sure she would make it out of the OR.



These are scary stories, but they are stories that should be told.


and Remember:

Never give up the fight to get your child gets the care they need.






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