Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies

Why would you buy noise cancelling headphones for your baby?

No, this is not a joke!


Hearing protection headphones for babies


Look: the first time I heard about newborns’ sensitive hearing was from my speech therapist friend who was sitting out a friend’s wedding in the lobby holding her infant.

Of course I asked her why she was sitting out there with her baby and not hanging out with everyone inside, when she told me something I never forgot.

As a speech therapist, she had learned about the extra sensitivity babies have to loud noise, and the degree to which their long-term hearing is affected by it.

My friend just couldn’t knowingly expose her baby to the loud band music playing inside the wedding hall.


Think about this for a moment.

What wouldn’t you do to protect your child’s hearing?



Babies are extra sensitive to loud noise and can have long term hearing loss from being exposed to loud noise when they are young.


Yes you read that right.

Believe it or not, bringing your baby to a concert, relative’s wedding, or even to a fireworks show can cause long-term damage to their hearing.

Because babies and young children have thinner skulls than adults, they are more likely to suffer damage to their hearing than adults.



baby wearing headphones at conceret



I found myself in a similar position years later when I was at a party with my baby and the band started playing at really loud levels.

I sat out in the hallway bored to tears so my baby’s hearing shouldn’t be affected. (No I couldn’t get a babysitter.)


It gets better 😉

I was introduced to noise cancelling headphones by my cousin who brought her baby to a wedding I was at wearing them.

The best part was her baby cooed happily, not bothered at all by the loud noise.


This was the perfect solution to attending family parties and not having to leave baby behind!



In fact, I got my last baby a pair of headphones and she wore them at a family wedding when she was 6 weeks old.

Boy those headphones are definitely a conversation piece!

Many of my relatives and friends didn’t know about the dangers of loud noise for young babies and children.

I am proud to put them on her and start a conversation about protecting young children’s hearing.  I’ve even offered my baby’s headphones to Moms who want to bring their young babies to noisy parties.


In fact, Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge was captured putting a pair of headphones on Prince George when she brought him to see an airshow.


These are the exact ones I bought for my baby:


They fit her pretty well at 6 weeks of age, and there’s plenty of room to slide the ear muffs down as she grows.

My baby did get a little mark on her face from wearing them but that went away after a few minutes, and it didn’t seem to bother her at all.

How to know when the music is too loud?

A good rule of thumb to know when you should put the headphones on, is if you are having trouble hearing conversation over the noise.


Now go and purchase Baby Banz to have on hand for the next concert, wedding, or airshow you want to take your baby to for a worry-free outing!

As your child grows, protecting their hearing remains important so check out their larger sized ones for children above age 2



Go ahead, start the conversation!


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