10 Awesome Ways to Enjoy the Snow

I put together a fun list of ways to enjoy the snow:


how to enjoy snow




1) Enjoy a steaming mug of hot cocoa while you gaze out your window at the beautiful white landscape


drink hot cocoa during snow days



2) Hold a family snowball fight


3) Build a fort using this great snow brick maker




4) Sledding or cross country skiing is so much fun and it’s nice to do it together with your friends and family!


cross country skiing fun on snow day




5) Photograph your kids and the landscape


snow day ideas

6) Hold a snow sculpture contest


7) Get down in the snow and make lovely snow angels


8) Hike over to your swingset or local playground.  Get on a swing, swing high and let go! Kids will enjoy flying through air and the soft landing is great!


9) Build a giant snowman and have fun dressing it up


build snow man on snow day



10) Have a big pile of snow, courtesy of the snow plow?  Dig into it and hollow it out for a cosy igloo (my kids have done this 😉


Enjoy the snow- it’s not going to last forever!

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